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     Greenhouse is located at #14 - 4970 Polkey Rd., Duncan B.C. in the Erik Melgaarde Industrial Park, Vancouver Island. Our company has been supplying polycarbonate twinwall sheet material on the West Coast for 23 years (please scroll down for on-line ordering). We now offer free delivery from our warehouse between Victoria and Nanaimo BC. We have sheets sized 4ftx8ft, 4ftx10ft, 4ftx12ft and 4ftx16ft. Our 8mm thick, clear polycarbonate twinwall is used for custom built greenhouses, cold frames, solariums, gazebos, patio overhangs, covered walks, skylights,vertical window glazing, lightweight office partitions, outbuilding roofing and other gardening, farming and industrial applications. Take a quick look at our simple install guide and our writeup on best practices for a successful installation. All of our polycarbonate twinwall is warranted for 15 years and includes a 50um UV layer of protection. We deliver to Victoria through to Nanaimo and we can arrange delivery for you throughout BC. We custom cut small jobs for free* (*but a cut charge will apply to complex cut lists). Happy to help! Our industrial shop in Duncan BC is a full service facility and open to the public by appointment only as we are farmers as well.

Key Points:
*Polycarbonate twinwall insulates, reducing heating costs in winter while minimizing excessive heat in summer (R value of 1.8)
*Offers 90% light transmission, diffusing light. Light is scattered becoming more diffused, so it penetrates into more places in your greenhouse than light does through a glass panel, reducing sunburn in your greenhouse
*Virtually unbreakable, unlike glass
*UV resistant (50um UV protection)
*Lightweight and easy to handle (4x8 sheets are 9.6lbs each)
*Simple to install with one person
*Long term solution (20+ years)
*Approx. 25lbs per square foot snow load rating, 8mm thickness is perfect for Southern BC
*Performs extremely well in high winds
*The material is strong enough to walk on (rafters only), but not without safety ropes, it is slippery!

Image: A 12ft. x 32ft. lean-to greenhouse in Victoria, BC, cedar framed with full dimension lumber featuring clear 8mm polycarbonate twinwall from
ORDERING: All items are in stock now. Feel free to call or text 250 888 9982 to discuss your order requirements. You can also place an on-line order at the bottom of the page. Thank-you.

Vancouver Island residents can place an order directly from our web site. North of Nanaimo, BC, we can arrange shipping via ACE Courier or Dan Foss. Please inquire for cost of shipping to other locations beyond Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. We can ship BC wide economically! Material samples are available outside our shop at Unit 14 - 4970 Polkey Road, Duncan, BC, V9L-6W3. Pickup is available by appointment only. Weekends *might* be possible, depending on farm work/family schedules.


1 x ClearCO 8mm Polycarbonate Twinwall, CLEAR, 4x8, 32sq. ft. = $96

1 x ClearCO 8mm Polycarbonate Twinwall, CLEAR 4x10, 40sq. ft. = $124

1 x ClearCO 8mm Polycarbonate Twinwall, CLEAR, 4x12, 48sq. ft. = $148

1 x ClearCO 8mm Polycarbonate Twinwall, CLEAR, 4x16, 64sq. ft. = $208

1 x ClearCO H Channel Sheet Joiner, CLEAR, 12ft. Lengths = $26

1 x ClearCO U Channel Sheet End Cap, CLEAR, 12ft. Lengths Only = $16

1 x ClearCO H Channel Sheet Joiner, CLEAR, 16ft. Lengths = $37

1 x Shipping to Saanich Peninsula/Saanichton, Sidney = $80ea.

1 x Shipping to SOOKE = $80ea.

HIRE US TO BUILD YOUR NEXT CUSTOM CEDAR GREENHOUSE! We have a great, experienced LOCAL team on Vancouver Island and we work with Great Central Timber Milling in Port Alberni for our full dimension cedar lumber. We can provide conceptual drawings and provide a wide range of unique ideas and options including concrete floors, raised beds, automatic vent openers, dutch doors, clear plexiglas walls with 8mm clear polycarbonate roofs. A sketch or description is all we need to get started (email at bottom of this page). We can do 12x16, 12x20, 12x24, 16x16, 16x20, and 16x24 and these can be modified in 2ft increments.

View/print our simple polycarbonate twinwall install guide.
View/print a sample greenhouse plan, called Old Victorian Iron.
Note: this is a non-engineered, non-verified conceptual drawing of an old Victorian greenhouse for illustration only.

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